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Make existing materials work better—more efficiently, longer and reliably. They fuel our imaginations and make new products possible.
  • Lubricant

    PMX-200 10cs~1,000,000cs
  • Personal care

    PMX-0345 PMX-0246 PMX-0245 PMX-200 0.65cs~1,000cs
  • Silicone sealant

    PMX-200 100cs~1,000cs OHX-40XX
  • Silane

    OFS-6040 OFS-6030 OFS-6011 OFS-6124 OFS-6697 OFS-6370 OFS-6070
  • Textile / Thread finish

    MEM-3346 MEM-1727 PMX-200 100cs~1,000cs
  • Wax polishing

    MEM-0346 MEM-0039 PMX-200 100cs~1,000cs